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Revive Our Hearts: True Woman Ambassadors
Two young women received an assignment that seemed impossible: travel around Texas and the Mid-South inviting women to join a counter-revolutionary movement. Find out why they undertook this journey.

http://reviveourhearts.com/topics/series.php?series=341&topic_name=Biblical Womanhood

Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide (Sample Chapter)
Download a sample chapter (and more!) from the Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide.


Lies Women Believe about Unfulfilled Longing
Is there a remedy for every unfulfilled longing?


Lies Women Believe about Forgiveness
God can forgive you what you've done.


Lies Women Believe (DVD Study Outline)
A study outline that will help you get all you can out of Nancy's "Lies Women Believe" video and conference CD.


Learn to Discern: How to Recognize and Respond to Error in the Culture
How to be discerning, alert, biblical, courageous, prayerful, and proactive in a culture full of conflicting "truths."


La Gratitud
You’ll be surprised to discover what is at the heart of so much of people’s gloom, despair, and despondency. (Spanish version)


Knowing the Shepherd (DVD Discussion Guide)
A discussion guide that will help you get all you can out of Nancy's "Knowing the Shepherd: Insights from Psalm 23" DVD.


Keeping Count or Letting Go
There are two ways of responding to life’s hurts and unfair experiences. We can either become a debt collector, or we can choose the pathway of restoration and reconciliation.


Is This Revival? An Appeal for Discernment
The evangelical world boasts some of the largest and most "successful" programs and undertakings in the history of the church. Could we be in the midst of a spiritual awakening? Nancy Leigh DeMoss reminds us that genuine revival cannot be "produced" by human effort and must bear the marks of repentance, obedience, and holiness. She urges us not to settle for anything less than a true movement of God’s Spirit in our day.