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Cephas in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Andrew brought his brother, Simon, to Jesus to join him. Jesus renamed Simon, Cephas (or Peter), which means Rock.


Hades in the Bible: Matthew 16:18
Not even hell itself can stand against the church of Christ. Death and hell have nothing with which to threaten a follower of Christ.


Prevail in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Nothing can stand against an endeavor that is supported by God and built on His teachings. Jesus predicts that not even hell itself will prevail against (overcome) His church.


Peter as the Rock in the Bible: Matthew 16:13-20
Peter's famous confession of belief in Jesus as the Christ. Jesus calls Peter the rock upon which the church will be built--while different Christians interpret this in different ways, Peter's willingness to clearly and confidently declare his belief in Jesus is inspiring.


Marilyn Manson: The Outcast Appeal
Although there are rock groups in the past and present that used satanic lyrics and symbols, none have seemed to have actually created a cult following among teenagers and young people as has Marilyn Manson. Named Best New Artist of 1996 by Rolling Stone magazine, Manson’s third album...