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The General | Christian History Institute
William Booth was born in economic and spiritual poverty, yet he founded a worldwide organization dedicated to their eradication. From Christian History magazine.


The Army Mother | Christian History Institute
With her bright mind and powerful speaking abilities, Catherine Booth emerged as one of the most influential women in modern religious history. From Christian History magazine.


Lausanne World Pulse - Commissioner Clifton Elected Eighteent General of Salvation Army
Commissioner Clifton will become head of the Salvation Army, with 1.5 million members in 111 countries. The Salvation Army is also known as one of the largest providers of social welfare in the world


Leonard Ravenhill : Billy Nicholson - The Irish Whitefield
In the year 1900 a "massed band" of four people marched out-of-step down the main street of Bangor in Northern Ireland. The two members with uniforms were Salvation Army lassies; the other two were young men. One of these men had a mind keen as a razor's edge; the other...


The Call To Preach - General William Booth
How can anybody with spiritual eyesight talk of having no call, when there are such multitudes around them who never hear a word about God, and never intend to; who can never hear, indeed, without the sort of preacher who will force himself upon them? Can a man keep right in his own soul, who can se