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The Rich Young Ruler Who Said Yes | Christian History Institute
How the obedience of Nicholas von Zinzendorf led to the rise of the Moravians and Protestant missions. From Christian History magazine.


Revival and Revolution | Christian History Institute
John Wesley in context of his times. From Christian History magazine.


John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation | Christian History Institute
John Wycliffe's thinking helped usher in reformation. From Christian History magazine.


Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules | Christian History Institute
The Colloquy at Marburg was called in hopes of reconciling the two centers of the German Reformation—Zurich and Wittenburg, but conflict over the Lord’s Supper split their common cause. From Christian History magazine.


A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings | Christian History Institute
The origin and spread of the anabaptist reformation movement. From Christian History magazine.


To Walk in All His Ways | Christian History Institute
Where did the baptists come from. From Christian History magazine.


C.S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life | Christian History Institute
The life of C. S. Lewis. From Christian History magazine.


Colonial New England: Old Order, New Awakening | Christian History Institute
Jonathan Edwards in context. From christian history magazine.


Back to the New Testament: the Plymouth Brethren | Christian History Institute
The origin and influence of the Plymouth Brethren. From Christian History magazine.


Can These Bones Live? | Christian History Institute
A spiritual hunger grew in reaction to the coldness and formalism of the Protestant state churches. Drawing from diverse roots, Pietism emerged as a quest to apply Reformation doctrine to personal life. From Christian History magazine.