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Life & Thought of Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig | Christian History Institute
A little-known reformer, Schwenckfeld’s original Christology emphasized the glorified being of Christ. From Christian History magazine.


An Ancient and Undying Light | Christian History Institute
The Waldensians from the 12th Century to the Protestant Reformation. From Christian History magazine.


Awakenings in America: Seasons of the Spirit | Christian History Institute
Spiritual awakenings have brought lasting benefits to the Church and the surrounding culture. Have we forgotten our great heritage of renewals? From Christian History magazine.


A Twelfth Century Man for All Seasons | Christian History Institute
The Life and Thought of Bernard of Clairvaux. From Christian History magazine.


The Life & Times of D. L. Moody | Christian History Institute
How an awkward country boy with a grade-school education became the greatest evangelist of the Gilded Age. From Christian History magazine.


The General | Christian History Institute
William Booth was born in economic and spiritual poverty, yet he founded a worldwide organization dedicated to their eradication. From Christian History magazine.


The Army Mother | Christian History Institute
With her bright mind and powerful speaking abilities, Catherine Booth emerged as one of the most influential women in modern religious history. From Christian History magazine.


The Piety of the Persecutors | Christian History Institute
In the Roman mind, there were valid religious reasons to halt the spread of Christianity. From Christian history magazine.


The Edict of Milan | Christian History Institute
The agreement shifted Christianity from being an illicit, persecuted sect to being a welcome—and soon dominant—religion of the Roman Empire. From Christian History magazine.


The Life & Times of Charles H. Spurgeon | Christian History Institute
He was the quintessential Victorian Englishman, yet his masterful preaching astonished his era—and lives long beyond it. From Christian History magazine.