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Patrick the Saint | Christian History Institute
Behind the fanciful legends of the fifth-century British missionary stands Patrick, a man worthy of embellishment.


Historic Premillennialism: Taking the Long View | Christian History Institute
Most early Christian thinkers weren’t troubled by the delay of Jesus’ return. They were troubled by those who thought he was coming soon. From Christian History magazine.


Defeating the Conspiracy | Christian History Institute
Ignorance, prejudice, and even Bible Christianity joined forces to sabotage the faith of African-American slaves. From Christian History magazine.


Denmark: Planting the Seed | Christian History Institute
How missionaries’ modest beginnings eventually bore fruit in Denmark. From Christian History magazine.


The Best There Ever Was | Christian History Institute
Modern Christian hermits still look to Antony for inspiration, as did the entire Middle Ages, but today we hardly know him. What did the illiterate recluse, known as Antony of the Desert, do to earn such adulation? From Christian History magazine.


Apologetics: C.S. Lewis | Christian History Institute
C.S. Lewis, the atheist scholar who became an Anglican, an apologist, and a patron saint of Christians everywhere. From Christian History magazine


Globalism: John Paul II | Christian History Institute
In issuing more significant encyclicals and visiting more nations than any other pope, John Paul II has shown that Christianity remains a world force. From Christian History magazine


Preparing a Way in the Wilderness | Christian History Institute
Though history has all but forgotten them, it was Christian preachers and teachers who really tamed the West. From Christian History magazine.


The Dark Heart Filled With Light | Christian History Institute
Augustine’s early years reveal an intense, proud, and sensual man who yearned to know truth. From Christian History magazine.


To Build a Fire | Christian History Institute
Jan Hus hoped his incendiary preaching and heated rebukes would purify a tainted church, but the flames consumed him first. From Christian History magazine