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A Tale of Two Brothers | Christian History Institute
Like many siblings, John and Charles Wesley often clashed— and the Methodist movement profited. From Christian History magazine


Divine Imagination | Christian History Institute
By describing a pilgrimage through the realms of death, Dante shared his vision of how Christians should live. From Christian History magazine.


The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre | Christian History Institute
Suspicious and scared, the king of France ordered a political assassination. Then the real killing began as Huguenots were slaughtered. From Christian History magazine.


The Problem of Eusebius | Christian History Institute
Eusebius' work became the foundation for centuries of Christian scholarship. Was that foundation firm or hopelessly flawed? From the pages of Christian History magazine.


The Dazzling ‘Dumb Ox’ | Christian History Institute
Thomas Aquinas' family thought he was throwing his life away. His classmates thought he was stupid. They didn’t understand. From Christian History magazine.


Muhammad amid the Faiths | Christian History Institute
The prophet Muhammad’s interactions with paganism, Judaism, and Christianity birthed puzzling prophecies and a legacy of strife. From the pages of Christian History magazine.


The Road to Rome | Christian History Institute
G. K. Chesterton’s spiritual journey. From the pages of Christian history magazine.


Galileo and the Powers Above | Christian History Institute
The convoluted tale of a faithful Catholic (Galileo) caught in a web of theological inflexibility, papal power, and his on political naivete.


A God of Math & Order | Christian History Institute
The new science rode in on the shoulders of theological ideas. From the pages of Christian history magazine.


A Mind on Fire | Christian History Institute
Throughout his eventful life, Jonathan Edward, American theologian, was driven by a vision of the beauty in God’s sovereignty. From the pages of Christian history magazine.