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Meeting Professor Tolkien | Christian History Institute
Clyde S Kilby spent a summer with Tolkien. He remembers the man, his faith, and his writings. From the pages of Christian history magazine.


Bishop Before His Time | Christian History Institute
Samuel Ajayi Crowther’s consecration as the first African Anglican bishop looked like a great leap forward for the church. But the talented ex-slave collided with the roadblock of racism; from the pages of christian history magazine.


The First Battle For the Bible | Christian History Institute
A century after Christ’s death, a literalist and a spiritualizer forced the church to choose how it would read the Scriptures it inherited from the Jews; from the pages of christian history magazine.


The Amazingly Graced Life of John Newton | Christian History Institute
John Newton's was a tale of two lives, with God at the pivot point. From the pages of Christian History magazine.


Holiness Fire-Starter | Christian History Institute
Transformed by her child’s fiery death, Phoebe Palmer lit the flames of revival on two continents from the pages of Christian History magazine.


Hail Mary | Christian History Institute
Mary's moment of obedience made Christianity possible, from the pages of Christian History magazine.


Grace at the Negotiating Table | Christian History Institute
The Synod of Whitby united English Christianity. From Christian history magazine.


A People of Conscience | Christian History Institute
How America’s plain people first arose in Europe as a discipleship movement repressed by the state church. From the pages of christian history magazine.


Discovering Livingstone | Christian History Institute
Excerpt from Christian History magazine.


The Road to Nicea | Christian History Institute
Arianism and why the 1st Ecumenical Church Council at Nicea was needed, by John Anthony Mcguckin from Christian History Magazine.