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Bloody Pilgrimage | Christian History Institute
As the crusaders assaulted Jerusalem, the holy and savage joined hands. From Christian History magazine.


Quest For Pure Christianity | Christian History Institute
For 100 years, the American Puritans strove to create a model Christian society. From Christian History magazine.


Francis’s Troubled World | Christian History Institute
In that day, it took extreme measures to live for peace. Francis of Assisi's world. From Christian History magazine.


The Crown of English Bibles | Christian History Institute
The King James Version was the culmination of 200 turbulent years of Bible translation. From Christian history magazine.


Golden Tongue & Iron Will | Christian History Institute
Chrysostom's fearless eloquence won him the title “golden mouth” but also got him exiled.


Revival at Cane Ridge | Christian History Institute
What exactly happened at the most important camp meeting in American history? From Christian History magazine.


Preacher of Revolution | Christian History Institute
John Knox provoked rulers, incited riots, and inspired a reformation in Scotland. From Christian History magazine.


Boundary Breaker | Christian History Institute
Paul of Tarsus crossed all types of barriers to gain followers for Jesus of Nazareth. From Christian History magazine.


Courage When It Counted | Christian History Institute
Thomas Cranmer was the most cautious, even indecisive, of reformers—until his final hour. From Christian History magazine.


Religion With a Human Face | Christian History Institute
One woman’s extraordinary faith reveals much about the ordinary faith of the Middle Ages. From Christian History magazine.