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Five Religious Options for Medieval Women | Christian History Institute
In the High Middle Ages, Christian women found many ways to live a holy life. From Christian History magazine.


The Hymn Explosion | Christian History Institute
In 1700, there were precious few English hymns. In 1800, there were hymnbooks galore. What happened? From Christian History magazine.


The Life and Death of a Modern Martyr | Christian History Institute
Born into privilege, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was headed toward a brilliant career as a theologian. Then he came to see life “from the perspective of those who suffer.” In Nazi Germany, that cost him his life. From Christian History magazine


The Puzzling Faith of Abraham Lincoln | Christian History Institute
Where was God in this brutal national war? An unbaptized non-churchgoer came up with a profound answer. From christian history magazine.


The Accidental Revolutionary | Christian History Institute
In his quest for spiritual peace, Luther had no idea he’d leave his world in turmoil. From Christian History magazine.


Why Did Columbus Sail? | Christian History Institute
What your history textbooks may not have told you about Columbus. From Christian History magazine.


The Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up | Christian History Institute
No matter how great the obstacles, William Carey expected great things and attempted great things. From Christian History magazine.


Worshiping Like Pagans? | Christian History Institute
How much did Christians borrow from Greek and Roman religions? From Christian History magazine.


Heavenly Comet | Christian History Institute
As George Whitefield blazed across England, Scotland, and America, his dramatic preaching caused excitement bordering on panic. From Christian History magazine


After the Revolution | Christian History Institute
Martin Luther's later years. From Christian History magazine.