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Someone's Been Talking About You - #6727
You are not traveling this road alone. Someone's talking about you. Jesus is talking to His Father about you. Man, that's good to know. That makes all the difference.


What Makes You Really Valuable - #6053
Because you're Jesus' personal representative in a dark place, in many ways you aren't like everybody else. But you keep loving them unconditionally. You make them feel important, and doing the right thing without condemning them. You keep doing all of that, and you're going to be, whether they admit it or not, one of the most important people in their life. Because people like you are rare and very, very valuable.


Your word is truth - a Christian perspective
Christians believe that the very words of God, as written down in the Bible, have power to change lives. As this verse notes, the Word of God can reach into our hearts and prompt repentence and sanctification.


Sanctify - a Christian perspective
Jesus prays to God to sanctify--make holy--his followers on earth. Jesus' followers live in the world, but are called to be holy and separate from it and its values.


Bible Concordance :: Sanctify
To make holy; to set apart to be used by God. The followers of Jesus are sanctified by Jesus' sacrifice for them.