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Today's Devotional: Satisfied in Christ
Satisfaction can be an elusive thing, especially when we try to find it on our own. Buying a new...

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Satisfaction - a Christian perspective
How do we find satisfaction in our lives? By living and working honestly, and serving God.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Escaping the "Me" Monster - #4175
The "me" monster. That's the tendency to think about myself most of the time, and it's the main reason Pam was down so much of the time, and maybe you are. There's nothing like hurt and pain and pressure to turn us into self-focused people. Too often, life is about my needs, my issues, my problems, my agenda, my feelings, my load. But a life of self-focus or self-pity or self-centeredness is just not how we were wired to live, especially if we belong to Jesus Christ.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Gerbil On A Wheel - #4065
I know more and more people who are tired of the "gerbil wheel" of status quo living. It's not that the wheel is bad - it just isn't satisfying.