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Today's devotional: becoming a little child
In Matthew 18:3, Jesus famously calls on us to "become like little children"—in fact, he...

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Seeking in the Bible: Matthew 6:33
"Seek first the kingdom...." This famous statement of Jesus tells us where our ultimate priority should lie: in service to God. Instead of worrying about all of the myriad problems that face us from day to day, we ought to simply commit to God--and He promises to provide for us.

I tell you the truth in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus uses the phrase, I tell you the truth, in this passage. He wants everyone to know that what he is about to say is important. He proceeds to say that as long as heaven and earth are around nothing from the Law will pass away.

Trouble in the Bible: John 16:33
God doesn't promise us freedom from earthly troubles--in fact, just the opposite. Here Jesus warns that trouble lies ahead for his followers. But he follows this with a reassurance that God has already triumphed over sin.

"The Light" in the Bible: John 8:12
In John's account of the Gospel, Jesus tells us that he his the light of the world. He tells us that if we follow him we will never walk in the darkness, but will always have the light of life.

Mountain in the Bible: Matthew 17:20
There is no limit to the power of God that is worked through faith. Jesus says that even the smallest amount of faith is enough to "move mountains"--to achieve what from any normal human perspective is impossible.

"Love the Lord your God" in the Bible: Matthew 22:36-40
The Old Testament contains many laws and rules, the most famous being the Ten Commandments. But Jesus said that all of those rules boiled down to two things: love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. If our adherence to rules or commandments isn't producing these two things, we've missed the entire point.

"Yoke" in the Bible: Matthew 11:28-30
Christianity has an unfortunate reputation for burdening people with moral guilt and long lists of rules and laws to follow. But this couldn't be further from the truth: as Jesus himself says here, taking up the "burden" of Christ is much simpler and easier than struggling under the weight of sin and worldly concerns.

"Count the cost" in the Bible: Luke 14:28-30
When any of us begin a project we count the cost and estimate whether or not we can afford to complete it. Jesus gives us the example of building a tower. If a man was to not count the cost and go ahead and start building and have to stop, he would be ridiculed.

Judging - a Christian perspective
Why do people spend so much time judging others, when they have plenty of their own faults they should be worried about? Jesus' famous caution to focus on our own behavior, rather than obsessing over other people's flaws.

Forgive others - a Christian perspective
Jesus spells it out plainly: if we forgive others, we will be forgiven. Likewise, we shouldn't judge, lest we be judged and we shouldn't condemn lest we be condemned as well.