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Questions Answered by Scibel
Increasingly, the debate over science and religion--specifically when it concerns origins--has...

Questions Answered by AiG
Yesterday we highlighted a few articles from the ministry of Scibel. Today, I thought it would...

A New Journal from Answers in Genesis
If you're at all interested in the origins debate, keep an eye on this new Answers in Genesis...

Interview: Ben Stein Rebels
Ben Stein's new project Expelled is a critical look not at the shortcomings of Darwinian theory...

Expelled Screenwriter Explains How Miracles Are Made
Long a ghostwriter for several high-profile names, Kevin Miller's serendipitous encounter with...

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Making monkeys out of man
The evolutionist’s notion that man evolved by chance from ape-like creatures is largely based upon certain anatomical similarities between apes and men. Being convinced that such similarities “prove” an evolutionary relationship, paleoanthropologists have declared certain fossil apes to be...

Was Noah a Martian?
According to a report, Noah's Flood actually occurred on Mars—not Earth! Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But a New York Times article1 based on research that scientists have been conducting about the planet Mars suggested, in essence, exactly that!

Any little green men out there?
Believe it or not, there is an astronomical object called LGM-1—the letters of which stand for ‘Little Green Men’. This was the first pulsar ever discovered. A pulsar is a very dense star which rotates so rapidly that it sends out extremely regular ‘pulses’ of radio waves.

Are ETs & UFOs Real? - Answers in Genesis
Are there extraterrestrial life-forms out there? The question of life on other planets is a hot topic in our culture today. Science fiction movies and television shows often depict strange creatures from far-away planets. But these ideas are not limited merely to science fiction programming.

How It All Began: Studies in Genesis
Who are we, and what are we supposed to do with our lives? There's no better place to look for answers than the book of Genesis, which describes how it all began. This online booklet offers a fresh look at an age-old book.

Not Just an Ordinary Star
Is there a scientific explanation for the Christmas star that led the wise men to Jesus on the first Christmas?

What’s the best “proof” of creation? - Answers in Genesis
If the Bible’s account of creation is true, you may ask, then what’s the best proof I can give to someone? Why doesn’t all the evidence for creation convince scientists that evolution is wrong? Well, it’s not that simple. In this chapter, we will examine the presuppositions that all people have and

Tale of Two Chromosomes - Answers in Genesis
Evolutionists can be excellent storytellers. For example, Dr. Ken Miller, a biology professor from Brown University who testified against Intelligent Design (ID) at the Dover trial,1 tells an engaging story that he claims is compelling evidence for evolution. The problem is that because of his natur

Evolution And Christianity
With the creation story in Genesis on the one hand and the scientific community on the other, what are Christians to do? Should we turn our back on the Bible? Turn our backs on science? This article explains why you don't need to do either.

ANSWERS magazine - Build a biblical worldview! (from Answers in Genesis)
ANSWERS is a quarterly, subscription-based magazine. Colorful, beautifully illustrated. Communicates the importance of Genesis in evangelism and discipleship. Science and culture articles equip readers with practical answers to share the gospel message and the accuracy of the Bible with confidence.