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Lausanne World Pulse - Ten Suggestions for Short-term Mission Workers
1. Do not put anything before God....Go as a servant to the local workers.


Lausanne World Pulse - Eight Weeks to Change Your Life
An interview with Melissa, a short-term missionary with Latin America Mission.


Lausanne World Pulse - The Future of Short-Term Missions
Ten overarching trends in short-term missions


Lausanne World Pulse - Developing Relationships in Short-term Missions
Relationships are crucial to short-term missions, but relationships come at a cost


Lausanne World Pulse - Urbana and Short-term Missions
Urbana's impact through short-term missions


Lausanne World Pulse - Fellowship of Short-term Mission Leaders
A report on the October 2005 Fellowship of Short-term Mission leaders gathering


Lausanne World Pulse - The Talking Bible and Short-term Missions Projects
Short-term mission teams around the world are using the Talking Bibles to minister to those they are serving


Lausanne World Pulse - Bonding through Short-term Mission: A Lifeline to the Unreached.
Short-term mission has missed the point of the Great Commission


Lausanne World Pulse - What’s Happening in Short-term Mission?
Looking at the strategic potential of short-term missions.