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Cephas in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Andrew brought his brother, Simon, to Jesus to join him. Jesus renamed Simon, Cephas (or Peter), which means Rock.


Andrew - a Christian perspective
The response of Jesus' disciples to his initial call is remarkable. Here, Andrew literally drops what he's doing to come and follow Jesus.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Big Time Fishing - #8278 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
When it came time for our family vacations when I was a kid, one person had the deciding vote for where we’d go–my Dad. He did the work; he picked the vacation, which meant we would go fishing. I thought it was boring—my Dad thought it was great. Listen, he would have gotten along great with a guy named Simon Peter. Yes, he was one of Jesus’ disciples, but he never stopped fishing.


"Becoming" Eyes - #5739
Jesus sees the rock you can become, no matter what anyone else sees! It could be, like the song says, that "all you have to offer Him is brokenness and strife, but He'll make something beautiful of your life"!


Simon - a Christian perspective
When a badly-wounded Jesus was unable to carry his cross, a passerby named Simon was forced to do so for him.


2 Peter
This introduction to the book of 2 Peter reports on the author, date, purpose, and outline. From the NIV Study Bible, Introductions.