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The Day After the "Votequake" - #6738
In this election season when we'll be hearing a lot of people being defined by their label, I want to see what God sees, don't you? Saved and Lost. I want to love those people like He does, because it breaks His heart. It should break my heart to see them lost.


Tax collectors - a Christian perspective
Tax collectors were widely looked down on in Jesus' day. But here, he is described as happily eating and talking to them. Jesus turned nobody away who sought him out, not even those most tainted by sin or rejected by the rest of society.


Devotional : Loving the Sinner
As Christians, what should our response be when we discover that someone in our congregation has an ongoing problem with sin? Perhaps they're having an affair, or they've been arrested numerous times for drug possession. What is the appropriate course to take? This devotional takes a close look at Jesus' teaching on the subject, and explains what every Christian should do when a fellow believer is struggling with sin.


Meal in the Bible - a Christian perspective
It seems strange to think that Jesus was criticized for who he chose to eat with, but here we see that the religious leaders of the day condemned him for eating with "sinners." But as Jesus points out, meeting with and helping sinners was the entire point of his work on earth.


Sinners in the Bible: Romans 5:8
Christ didn't die for people who already loved him. He died for sinners--people whose lives were bound up and directed by sinful desires that went contrary to God's will. It was the sick he came to cure, not the healthy.


While we were yet sinners - a Christian perspective
What's truly amazing about Jesus' sacrifice is that he died for us while we were sinners--before we had done anything to demonstrate our love for him. The people he was dying for had done nothing to deserve it.