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Four Reflections on Psalm 22
Just before Jesus died on the cross he cried out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"...

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Singing - a Christian perspective
This verse suggests that the singing of songs and hymns can play an important role in discipling and worship.

Songs - a Christian perspective
At one point in the book of Acts, Paul and Silas are unjustly thrown into prison. Even though they are in a place of squalor they still stay up late into the night singing songs of praise to God and praying.

Kids Choir Camp - Center for Church Music
Kids Choir Camp is a fantastic summertime opportunity for your 1st through 6th graders if you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Held at Seventh Reformed Church, the camp emphasizes singing, along with musical activities and Bible instruction. The week culminates in the Festival of Praise