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Jobs, careers, and gifts, oh my! Finding your vocation
Our featured topic this week has been vocation. It's a word that carries a lot of different...

Identifying—and using—your spiritual gifts
What are your spiritual gifts... and how are you using them? The newest issue of Uplook Magazine...

Today's devotional: should you look inside or outside to find God's will?
"How can I know God's will for my life?" Every Christian has asked that question at some point....

Serving Outside of Your Spiritual Gifts
Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? For those who haven't, it's a test that helps you...

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Discovery Tools and Inventories
Discovery tools to help you form a basis for self-improvement, better communications, improved ministry efforts. Identify your dominant spiritual gift, discover your leadership/management style, learn about your personality, evaluate your friendship and marriage communication skills, and more.

Join or Create a Live Your Calling Small Group
You have been created to discover and live your calling with others. God does not intend our journey through life to be a solo adventure. There is power in partnership! Therefore, we encourage you to go through the Live Your Calling book with a partner or small group.

Recommended Books on Volunteering, Volunteer Management, Missions & Community Development
Lists recommended books on volunteering, volunteer management and short-term missions. Books also present the vision for urban ministry & how to serve effectively in a cross-cultural context. The list was compiled by TechMission, FASTEN, and users.,120

Spiritual Gifts | Urban ministry sermons, MP3s, social networking
Links to frequently asked questions on spiritual gifts, explanations of various gifts, and tests to discover your spiritual gifts.

Encyclopedia of Volunteer Management, Volunteering, and Short-Term Missions |UrbanMinistry
Resource guide which anyone can edit covering volunteer management, volunteering, and short-term missions. Useful both to organizations who want to learn how to recruit, train, supervise, and recognize volunteers; and to individuals looking for a ministry to use their gifts.

Team Ministry Resources
Team Ministry is spiritual-gifts-based ministry supported by resources highlighted on this page, covering spiritual gifts study, discovering God-given spiritual gifts, lay involvement, ministry placement, ministry descriptions, and the on-line Group Spiritual Gifts Database.

Serving God Where You Fit Best
Demo and explanation of how you can discover your God-given gifts, calling, personal ministry through this evaluation which combines results of the Spiritual Gifts, L-E-A-D Personality and Leadership/Management Inventories to offer your Personal Ministry Finder and complete summary.

Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis
Intro to the free Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Analysis Individual Analysis Sign In Spiritual Gifts Database for Groups Sign In

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