Identifying—and using—your spiritual gifts

What are your spiritual gifts… and how are you using them? The newest issue of Uplook Magazine is out and available for download (PDF), and it’s all about the idea of spiritual gifts—God-given talents we’re all given and charged with using in Christ’s service.

Writers like Sam Thorpe, Robert McClurkin, and W.H. Burnett all chime in with essays on different aspects of spiritual gifts. Thorpe’s essay challenges us to consider the way in which we use our spiritual gifts, and Burnett asks an interesting question I hadn’t considered before: is it possible to acquire a temporary spiritual gift, a spiritual talent meant to be used for a specific time and purpose?

It’s an interesting topic that applies to all Christians, whether or not you consider yourself “gifted,” so read through the issue and see what you think. And if you’d like to explore your spiritual gifts further, you might also check out this series of essays about spiritual gifts, which include a spiritual gifts inventory to help you discern where your own gifts lie; as well as two articles by Blaine Smith which discuss understanding your gifts and discerning where you can best use them.

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