Map of Global Evangelism

sge_small.jpgThe World Atlas Mission Project keeps a map of the spread of the Evangelical Christianity throughout the world. They recently did a massive update of their 1996 map. It’s an interesting way to take a look at the world and to see the receptivity of the nations to the good news.

Click on the map for a larger version, or take a look at the gigantic 45MB pdf.

Here’s more from the World Atlas Mission Project blog:

This map illustrates the Global Status of Evangelical Christianity and has been created in order to provide an update to the 1996 Status of Global Evangelization map. This new map provides a global snapshot of the status of evangelical Christianity based upon the latest research from the mission field. Over 100,000 localities are represented. It will be updated periodically, showing the progress of both Bible and Jesus Film translation, and the openness or response to the Gospel message from a variety of mission perspectives.

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