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What's the point of student ministry?
Is student ministry worth the immense amount of time, energy, and money that churches and...

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Creating an Idea-Driven Youth Ministry Culture
Too many youth ministers miss out on an incredible source of youth ministry wisdom and ideas - their own volunteers and youth. Not only can their ideas revolutionize our ministries, but by taking them seriously we take their leadership to a new level, allowing them to feel ownership and responsibili

Broken Homes and Youth Ministry
How can we understand and meet the special needs of our students who come from broken homes? Professor Mark Tittley provides wise insight in this article.

Teaching: Online Message Preparation for Youth Workers
Learn how to prepare your bible studies online, free of charge. You can find verses, study a topic, consult commentaries online, etc. Then, dress up your message with great crowd-breakers, illustrations, etc.

Bible Studies offered by Legacy Youth Ministry Resources
Bible Studies offered by Legacy Youth Ministry Resources, organized by topics.

Motivating Kids
Hints on getting kids involved and taking ownership of ministry.

Training Student Leadership: Professional Youth Ministry Report (Part 3)
Student Leadership: we looked for it globally and came up with principles for youth ministers to consider.

Leading with Power and Love
Danny Jones, pioneer of Reach Out's youth ministry training in Slovakia, counters our tendency to get on a power trip when we become recognized as a leader.

Working with Adolescents in the Context of Pluralism
The National Director of the Youth Ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ in Spain helps us understand the impact of Pluralism and its implications for youth ministry.

Your Teens Changing World - Part 2
So today's youth are in trouble. In part 2, Walt Mueller answers the question, "What practically can we do to come alongside students and help them navigate these dangerous cultural waters? Although Mueller writes specifically to parents in this section, some of you can substitute "youth pastor" for

What Do Students Look for in a Church?
Group Magazine recently published the results of a survey of over 10,000 youth who were asked, "If you were choosing a church, how important would the following things be?" The results are thought provoking.