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The Super Bowl and Church
Steve from Sports Spectrum points out a recent NFL ruling on churches showing the Super Bowl....

Do you want to see a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl?
If you're planning to tune into the Super Bowl next week, you'll have more than just a good game...

Can Christians embrace sports?
At the risk of sounding like a spoilsport on the biggest sports week of the year, I couldn't help...

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It's Past Halftime! - #6581
When football players hear that warning, they throw caution to the wind, they make every second count, they do whatever it takes to get points on the board. It seems to me that Team Jesus - all of us who claim to follow Him - should be doing no less. We should be moving beyond maintenance mode to taking new ground. We should be giving like there may not be a lot more tomorrows. Forget turf, forget territory! Let's wage a united battle for the lost souls in our town!

True Woman: The Shocking Side of the Super Bowl
Super Bowl fans are not just looking for good food and entertainment. Many are looking for sex, making the Super Bowl the largest annual event for sex trafficking in the United States.

True Woman: Trafficking in the Shadow of the Super Bowl
A.H. was trafficked to Dallas/Ft. Worth and forced into prostitution when she was just a teen. Like many other girls, she was beaten, raped, and enslaved not far from Dallas Cowboys stadium, where the 2011 Super Bowl will be held.

True Woman Blog: Super Bowl—Super Question
Besides the expected beer commercials (getting the girl), and annoying chicken commercials (getting the food), and voice-over babies trading stocks (getting the money), there were a few commercials during this year's Super Bowl that illustrated men were getting frustrated.

It Really is "How You Play the Game" - #6072
Hold your head high, no matter what position you play. Don't let that discouragement wear you down any more - not if you're giving it all you've got. If you are, then in God's eyes, the only opinion that ultimately matters you are a champion. Earth may not have many rewards for you. But God's gold medal will one day hang around your neck!

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Super Bowl Spirituality
Avoid what's dirty and contaminating. Control your temple. Aggressive spiritual defense and offense. It's the way to win. It's the way to live your destiny - to be all God's.