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Happy birthday, Thomas Aquinas!
This week's focus at is church history—the often inspiring, sometimes...

What’s the point of apologetics?
Are Christian apologetics necessary... or even useful? Apologetics refers to the defense of the...

Do Christians really believe in Hell?
Do Christians really believe in Hell? And do they really believe that anyone who isn't a...

Can we prove the existence of God?
Does God exist? Is there scientific evidence for the existence of a Creator? What reasons, if...

More resources about Islam and Christianity
Yesterday we pointed out a number of resources to help Christians learn more about Islam. Today...

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Transforming Grace: Jerry Bridges
Transforming Grace Living Confidently in God?s Unfailing Love Base our relationship with Him on our performance rather than on His grace. Transforming Grace is a fountainhead of inspiration and renewal.

Into the Word: Amy Simpson
Into the Word How to Get the Most from Your Bible Bible becomes a confusing, contradictory book that brings guilt rather than wisdom and truth.

Ask Me Anything 2: J. Budziszewski
Ask Me Anything 2 More Provocative Answers for College Students Real-life issues, from love and sex to hell and roommates The professor tackles hot topics that hit hard in college, like faith and reasoning

Right of Malachi: Norman Hubbard
Right of Malachi Exploring the Great Ideas of the New Testament Filled with Christ’s timeless words and the apostle’s foundational truths, its wisdom continues to be relevant for everyday life.

Left of Matthew: Norman Hubbard
Left of Matthew Exploring the Great Ideas of the Old Testament Rediscover the foundation of your faith. The Old Testament chronicles God’s relentless pursuit of His children and lays the foundation for a new covenant through Christ.

The Lost Virtue of Happiness: J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler
The Lost Virtue of Happiness Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life Even in an age of instant gratification, life's best takes time and effort. What is happiness?

Every Disciple's Journey: Thomas R. Steagald
Every Disciple's Journey Following Jesus to a God-Focused Faith Finding Meaning in Your Life

Conversations: Eugene H. Peterson
Conversations The Message Bible with Its Translator - Including Author Notes and Reflections by Eugene H. Peterson

Lausanne World Pulse - Will I Go to Heaven When I Die, Too?
Many Christians around the world have little to no theological or biblical training. And therefore have many questions about their newfound faith.

Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization that Is Comprehensive
Comprehensive contextualization includes not only theology, but all seven dimensions of the religious life.