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Welcome and assimilate church visitors - avoid de-evangelizing trap
Matt Neace writes, “I was at a conference a few years ago where they told the story of a church that looked as though they were really thriving: they had about 500 people attending, and had many outreach ministries reaching their community, and many people were coming to Christ and to church through their ministry. The problem was that the church was not growing in numbers – people were leaving as quickly as they were coming in.”


The Prize and the Prison - #6021
The devil's basic strategy is really pretty simple: get you obsessed with the prize you might get so you're blind to the trap you're walking into. He'll convince you that "it's just this once," "just a little," "it won't hurt." Lies. All lies. Jesus exposed the devil when he said he is "the father of lies" and "there is no truth in him."


Trap in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The psalmist writes that God is his refuge and pleads with Him to free him from the trap that has been created to ensnare him.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Prize And The Prison - #4046
That's what the police call a "sting operation." And it really worked - offer something good just to capture people. And the police use that strategy to accomplish good things. Satan has been using that strategy for a long time to accomplish his destructive purposes in people's lives. He may be using his sting operation to capture you right now.