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Today's Devotional: Predestined for Trials
We were never promised that life in Christ would be easy. In Acts 14:22, Paul and Barnabas tell...

Today's devotional: setbacks... or opportunities?
Everyone can remember a time that a surprise interruption almost ruined a major project or...

Today's Devotional: Good from Bad
Have you ever felt like the world was conspiring against you? As if everything that could go...

Today's devotional: is God the author of evil?
If God is a loving and all-powerful God, why does He allow evil and suffering to exist? And if...

Today's devotional: Life-saving pain
When disaster strikes our lives, it's natural for Christians to pray for relief from it—we...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - That Beautiful Mess - #3856
n the pages of the Bible, there is probably no man whose life became more of a mess than Job. His name is synonymous with suffering. He loved God, but he lost his health, his fortune, his children--in his body and in his heart he experienced excruciating, relentless pain.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - High Water Rescues - #8033
I’ve never been in a physical flood, but I know what it is to feel like I’m going under. Like when we lost our first baby, when we were drowning financially, when I thought my wife wasn’t going to make it. For me, the only way out was up. And I had to admit there was nothing I could do to rescue myself. I had to grab Jesus like He was my only hope.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wild Weather - #8006
Actually, most of the storms in our life don’t show up on the weather channel. They’re the storms that hit our health, and our finances, and our family, and our emotions, and our relationships. And they hurt.

David Brainerd : It's All Worth It
Monday March 7. This morning when I arose, I found my heart go forth after God in longing desires of conformity to Him, and in secret prayer found myself sweetly quickened and drawn out in praises to God for all He had done to and for me, and for all my inward trials and distresses of late...

Dealing With Difficult Trials
How can we cope with loss, tragedy or difficult circumstances? Why does life have to be so hard, anyway? Through this series of articles, we will search God's word for answers to "How To Master Your Circumstances, Before They Master You".