Today’s Devotional: Good from Bad

Have you ever felt like the world was conspiring against you? As if everything that could go wrong, is going wrong?

Greg Laurie reminds us of Job’s situation in this devotional. He points out that throughout much of the story, Job is totally unaware of why he’s in his current predicament. He has no knowledge of God and Satan’s discussion at the beginning of the book, and he surely didn’t know about the blessings that would be heaped on him at the end of the story. Despite his ignorance, he endured his situation in faith and didn’t follow his wife’s advice to “curse God and die!”

We are told in James 5:11, “We give great honor to those who endure under suffering. For instance, you know about Job, a man of great endurance. You can see how the Lord was kind to him at the end, for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy.” God’s plan finally ended in good, but Job could not see that midstream.

There are things about life that we don’t understand. God can bring good out of bad. It doesn’t mean that bad becomes good, because bad is bad. But it does mean that God can bring good despite bad, and our tribulations can bring forth good things. As Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.”

Before disciplining a child, a parent sometimes will say, “This will hurt me more than it will hurt you.” Meanwhile, the child is thinking, Yeah, right! That is how we feel when we are being disciplined or are going through hardship. It hurts. But it also brings forth something good.

Have you ever felt like Job? Can you see God’s handiwork in difficult situations from your past?

10 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Good from Bad”

  • Liz Ontiveros says:

    WOW!!! This is God sent confirmation for me and I don’t know how many more Christians are goin through the same. The list is to long for me to say. Just within at least 2 months, I lost my job Im the main income provider my husband has been handicapped permanently goin on 7 years. My daughter has been diagnosed with Premature Overian Malfunction at 20 she’s gone into menopouse and moved with wordly unbelieving friends. Blames me for her situation. I’ve counseled her in God’s word. She has accepted Christ and was attending church regularly. Last week my car water pump went out.I’m proned to seizures becasue I have a tumor,no canser, but causes me to have most of the time mini strokes. With all this goin on it escaladed to one I did feel and ended up having to go to the doctor for medications. The list goes on and on. Jesus is fighting all my battles. I just have to be taught how to fight with HIS word. Amen!!

  • starr says:

    I thank u 4 this blog! I have been in a situation were someone I was a dear friend to stole a lot from me as well gained a job I was up for, during a time when I was seperated from my husband and it was way hard for me! Since then I have spoke with her, informed her of how I know she stole thousands upon thousands of dollars from me, and caused me to loose multiple business accounts due to her trash talking my name! I was so angry at first, I worked so hard to get through college, my son took very sick, we almost lost him, and I started to have panic attacks! I could not believe I was loosing my only son, I couldn’t believe this woman whom I treated like a sister and thought we were in business together were my team-mate, business partner would and could do what she was doing at the time! But behold, God can bring us out of all measures! I cannot say I don’t still think about it, as she is around me almost on a daily basis via my forgiving her and starting up a new friendship with her! My son his much better and that is what helped me to forgive her! Forgive me in writting this message but I really needed to talk about this! Today I am not having panic attacks, me and my husband are working torwards a better life together, yet this friend of mine well she has come so far in our business that she simply has her own after she used me to gain the first big account!she still has my dream job, calls me to help her get through it, yet says she will help me, still I don’t see her doing this at all! Is it ok to stop helping her? What does the scriptures say? Or should I continue in helping, yet hold strong in expecting nothing in return from anyone, yet continue in doing good for the glory of God and simply allow Him/God to guide me! I have forgiving her, but I still find it hurts, I don’t want her to be lost this is why I show her kindness! Yet it sure would be nice to get my dream job, which she knows I’m qualified for and I help her because she’s not! Perhaps someone out there could shed some light on this for me! If u ask how she got the job well, she had another friend who she persuaded to get her that position! Her life is her life, yet she stole, lied and holds on to greed, as I’ve worked so hard, built my company helped her put hers on the map and she won’t help me at all! She says its coming as she is growing! In the beginning we started up one company, she branched off right after our first account and I never knew she was building a business of her own! Well it is what it is, again I just don’t understand how people who do so much wrong, gain what some of us have wanted and worked hard for our entire lives just don’t happen!

    • ann says:

      Dear Star
      Have you ever herd “ Do not yoke with nonbelievers”
      You have stated that you do not want her to be lost. I can only assume that that’s what she is. By you continuing to help her is like condoning what she don. I pray you have ministered to her about the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is all you are obligated to do. For your own safety, sanity and salvation, BACK AWAY NOW! If you find that to difficult to do I sagest you pray to the lord for some back bone. Every one will collect a good harvest of what they have planted. So make sure what your planting is good. Cause the Lord of the harvest will come and repay every one according to their deeds.

  • kate says:

    my heart goes out to u LIZ. but i can say to you is proverbs;3:5 read n take this word to your heart be healed in CHRIST NAME

  • Endurance says:

    i too can feel so discouraged,lonely and disallusioned. so tempting…and as of late just giving in to reckless emotion of anger amd frustration. thought i signed up for something but remains a pipe dream. daily clashing of the turmoil of living w/a spouse who is depressed and chronically sick. battling with my hurts and
    disappointments as my needs get shelved w/out warning. caught blind sided as in the mist of trying to function in my ownself to remain healthy i am stopped by the irresponsibility of my spouse who bounces checks from own account costs us dearly. fimancially strapped and barely holding on. i keep telling our kids it’s God keeping us together. keep going on- God loves you no matter what!

    • Monica says:

      I know from past experiences with my spouse, that My GOD can do anything-even turn the bad to good. My advice to you, if this is okay-close the accounts, in which I had to do the same in my life, now I don’t worry about checks bouncing and being charged the awful fees-which take alot from what you and your husband make. I have prayed for wisdom and knowledge in every decision that I make and every decision that my husband and myself make together. I know that Jesus is my source of all my answers to all my problems-big or small. God will keep you and your family together as long as you keep him first and follow his commandments-which can be difficult at times but Jesus will supply you with ALL you need to make it. You pray for me and I’ll pray for you!

  • Lisa says:

    I needed to read this. Today I am very disturb by the enemy constant attack on my family. I hac this nonchalant feeling in the past, that as long as I’m not around them it doesn’t matter. My heart is trouble how my family deals with one another. I was thinking about Job how he didn’t even know the test he would soon endure. It was God but he did no of the test that would soon take place. He stood by Job when he thought he had been forsaken. I realize that just like Job it’s important we all go through things in our lives. I’m Glad that I am a Christian and I can give The Word to my Family so they may stand against the Enemies that is trying to tear our family down. Satan is Great at messing things up and leaving it in a Disaray afterwards. It’s God who pick up the pieces after it all said in done. Please Pray for my Family because Satan is working overtime to build a wall between the Young and Old. May God Bless you Rather you pray for my family or Not.

    • Lisa says:

      Mistake I know God did not test Job but the devil did. But God also knew of the test that Job would soon encounter with the devil. I don’t want know one misreading what I wrote. so I wanted to make corrections God Bless

  • Tom says:

    King David and Solomon both wrote in Psalms and Proverbs that the evil and wicked man seems to prosper in every way, not understanding why they never seem to suffer. Then they write that the evil and wicked man (or woman)is only for a season. Their end is bitterness and eternal suffering. King David also writes that God is in control. We may not see God in control; may not feel God in control; may not even believe at times that God is in control. But the truth is that God IS in control.

    I can’t imagine some of the sufferings that some or a lot of you are going through. I can tell you that God (Jesus) will NEVER leave you nor forsake you, but is with you even now, caring for you, Loving you, embracing you, speaking to you, comforting you.

    My wife and I lost our first born child at the age of 4 with heart disease. A year later I had cancer; went through several surgerys and intense chemo. During the time I had cancer, and it was during the winter..went through Christmas..God blessed us with someone I’ve never known, nor have never met by paying our rent for a couple of months; had so much food and toys given to us that we in turn had to give some away to others in need.

    I don’t understand why things happen as they do and especially to good people like yourselves. The only sure thing that I know is that God IS good and the devil is bad. God Loves you. satan hates you. God encourages, supports, helps, loves and cares for you and for each of His children. Even if some are not in a relationship with Him, He still Loves them.

    Father, I ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus, that You will touch each of these, your children, their families, neighbors and friends with Your Healing Power and grant them Your Peace and reassure them that You, and You alone are God and that You Love them. For Liz, give her Your Strength and energy to live and provide for her family. Heal the relationship with her daughter and touch her daughter with Your Love. For Star, I ask that she will forgive the lady who has caused Star much pain. I ask that You will strengthen Star daily and encourage her to forgive that lady daily.

    For all who read this blog, I ask Father that You would touch each person with Your Powerful and Mighty Healing and Love and there will be NO doubt in anyone’s mind and especially heart that You Live and are with each of us daily and nightly.

    Now Father I ask for relief to come directly from Your Throne to Liz and Star, their families and friends and all who read this.

    Now we Thank You Father for hearing our prayers and for answering our prayers. You said that if two or more are touching (even in Your Spirit – the Holy Spirit) that You would do whatever we ask. We give You Thanks, Praise and Honor for keeping Your Word and for touching each of us now with the Loving, Powerful and Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus….Amen

  • Endurance says:

    Thank you all for your prayers and faith. I’m so inspired by your courage and prayers. I can feel so alone and this has helped me to remember Jesus and how much he loves us. I feel downcast and broken hearted and I remember now that Jesus came to heal the sick. This is my only hope and I’m praying for God to show me why the turmoil. I need your continued prayers and I too will continue to pray for all of you.