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New Year...New Management - #6800
The realization that I was never meant to drive my life; that's the first step to beginning a love relationship with God; the very relationship you were made for. And when you admit that and you realize that the mess of our life, the guilt of our life, the shame of our life, the hurt that we've inflicted is because we've taken our life and done it our way instead of His way. You are ready at that point to say, "I need a Savior. I need a Rescuer from this sin."


Distress in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus had every reason to feel distressed in this situation. He was about to be crucified and was wrestling with the inevitability of the situation.


Troubled - a Christian perspective
In John, Jesus gives his disciples his peace--a peace that transcends all understanding--and tells them to not let their hearts be troubled.