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Have you ever heard a "pulpit exaggeration"?
Have you ever heard a preacher exaggerate from the pulpit, or say something during a sermon that,...

Today's Devotional: Running From God
Have you ever tried to hide from God? The first actions of Adam and Eve after the fall were to...

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Lessons on Assurance: The Navigators
Lessons on Assurance Five Life-Changing Bible Studies and Memory Verses for New Christians Be sure you're saved and be sure you're growing! Basic Bible truth for new believers.

Growing in Christ: The Navigators
Growing in Christ Bible Study Series Basics of the Christian life

A Minute Before Friday: Jo Kadlecek
A Minute Before Friday A Novel Light can be hard to spot. Ivy League secret. Will she be able to withstand--and expose--the truth?

Trusting God Discussion Guide: Jerry Bridges
Trusting God Discussion Guide Even When Life Hurts Can We Trust God? Adversity at different times in our lives. It comes in many forms - sudden pain, traumatic experiences, devastating losses - and we seldom understand what?s happening at the time.

Trusting God: Jerry Bridges
Trusting God Even When Life Hurts Why is it easier to obey God than to trust him? Why is God allowing this? or What have I done wrong?

Into the Word: Amy Simpson
Into the Word How to Get the Most from Your Bible Bible becomes a confusing, contradictory book that brings guilt rather than wisdom and truth.

Ask Me Anything 2: J. Budziszewski
Ask Me Anything 2 More Provocative Answers for College Students Real-life issues, from love and sex to hell and roommates The professor tackles hot topics that hit hard in college, like faith and reasoning

Right of Malachi: Norman Hubbard
Right of Malachi Exploring the Great Ideas of the New Testament Filled with Christ’s timeless words and the apostle’s foundational truths, its wisdom continues to be relevant for everyday life.

Left of Matthew: Norman Hubbard
Left of Matthew Exploring the Great Ideas of the Old Testament Rediscover the foundation of your faith. The Old Testament chronicles God’s relentless pursuit of His children and lays the foundation for a new covenant through Christ.

Dangerous Faith: Joel Vestal
Dangerous Faith Growing in God and Service to the World Worship. Prayer. Simplicity. Compassion. Justice.