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The Ethnicity of English Churchgoers
A look at how ethnic churches in the United Kingdom have grown over the last few years


Lausanne World Pulse - Joining Together Across Church Divides: The Growth of Prayer Week
The story of how one man's vision led to a national annual prayer week which has transformed countless lives in the UK.


Lausanne World Pulse - Ministerial Leadership: 2005-2040
Assessing the demographics and trends of ministers and church leadership is important to caring for the future of the Church in the United Kingdom.


Lausanne World Pulse - Just10–Transform Your World
Teaching the Ten Commandments in a relevant way is transforming thousands of lives in the United Kingdom.


Lausanne World Pulse - Muslim Growth in the United Kingdom and Worldwide
The only two growing religious movements at the beginning of the twenty-first century are the evangelicals and the Muslims. Their zeal is similar; their devotion is real.


Lausanne World Pulse - Pulling Out of the Nosedive in the United Kingdom!
An overview of church attendance in the UK from 1998 to 2005 compared to 1989 to 1998.


Lausanne World Pulse - Hope 08: The Transformation of the British Isles
Hope 08 will be a year of activity and outreach designed to transform the British Isles for Jesus Christ.


Lausanne World Pulse - House Churches in the United Kingdom
Nearly five decades of research of "House Churches" and "New Churches" reveals a decline in the movement in England.


Divine Intervention among Diaspora Iranians: A Brief Look at United Kingdom Asylum Seekers
Diaspora refers to any dispersed segment of a people group living apart from the main body of their people. That God uses such dispersements for his glory is evident in every period of history.