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True Woman: Reaching Out on Valentine's Day
The evening passed remarkably fast, leaving fond memories and dirty dishes. As we cleaned up, we agreed this was one of our best Valentine’s Days. By turning our attention from ourselves, we became vessels to demonstrate the love of God in a practical way to others. There was nothing particularly heroic about this event. We didn’t solve the problems of the world. We simply gave away a small amount of time and material resources to surprise and delight others.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Three Words for a Lifetime Love - #8207 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
With Valentine's Day coming, I got to thinking about one of the greatest days of my life. It was the day my honey committed her life to me at our wedding. Now the pastor who married us actually apologized to me before we left the church that night. Not for marrying us, but for being too busy to give us marriage counseling. He said, "You know, the pastor who married us did the same thing. But just before we left for our honeymoon, he gave me three words of counseling. I’m going to give them to you. Beginning tonight and every day, put her first.” That pretty much says it.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Proof You Are Loved - #5056
However others may have treated you, however you may think God feels about you, God loves you. So much that He sent His one and only Son all the way from heaven to die an awful death for you on a rugged cross. It was the only way you could have every wrong thing you've ever done forgiven by God. Sin has to be paid for with a death penalty. God's love for you is so great that He sacrificed the only One who could die in your place - His sinless Son, Jesus. So when you open your heart to Jesus, you are opening your heart to the greatest love in the universe.

Building a Good Relationship - Into Thy Word Ministries
How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime Part IV! This is part four, the last article in a series to challenge single Christians to seek Biblical principles in love and dating. In this final part, we will look at how to build a lasting and godly relationship.

Preparing for a Successful Marriage - Into Thy Word Ministries
How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime! Part 3. The world considers marriage to be an avenue to satisfaction for self. The view seems to be from the standpoint of seeking fulfillment in pleasure, companionship, what “I” can get out of it, and how “I” can benefit from it.

Courtship? - Into Thy Word Ministries
How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime! Part 2 So, what should we do instead of dating? Courting! An Overview: Courtship, Friendship, and Dating. Courtship is a word our society sees as a joke from an era they presume is about oppression and doldrums.

How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime! - Into Thy Word Ministries
Preparing for marriage with the right attitude and mindset! We all desire and seek love and companionship to fill an empty hole we think we have. For some singles, this is the driving force in their life, as it was for me at one time.

Valentines Day on Campus -
Interview with Mindy Meier about her book Sex and Dating. Mindy works as a campus minister.

Ten Ways to Improve Relational Skills
Ten easy steps you can take to improve your relationships. It's easier than you might think!

The Quest for LOVE! - Into Thy Word Ministries
Have you ever wondered what LOVE really is? What is love? So much poetry and beautiful pose have been written over the millennia’s of human experience to try to capture its purpose and meaning. All of humanity in all cultures, places and time has sought out the meaning of love.