When life deals you lemons…

watkinscoverWhat do you do when life deals you lemons? James Watkins, columnist (and friend of Gospel.com) has a new book out that asks just that: Squeezing Good Out of Bad. The new book focuses on practical strategies for dealing with the trials and setbacks we encounter in everyday life.

James has put a full chapter from the book online; it challenges us to rethink pain—and to consider that God can work through pain and tragedy to bring about good in our lives, even though it’s hard to see that in the midst of our suffering. There’s also a Yahoo group where you can discuss Squeezing Good Out of Bad with James and other readers.

And while you’re taking a look at James’ site, don’t miss his Valentine’s Day resources—lots of articles and essays about love, marriage, relationships, and sex, all of which are probably on your mind as television ads and florists remind us of the approach of Valentine’s Day!

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