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CSM News & Resources
CSM News and resources to keep you informed!

Fundraising Ideas for Your CSM Urban Mission and Service Trip
Search for great fundraising ideas for your CSM mission trip.

Cost of a CSM Urban Mission and Service Trip
Learn how much it costs to take a CSM mission trip and how much of a deposit is required to hold any dates.

Available Dates for a CSM Urban Mission and Service Trip
Learn how you can find out what dates are available for a CSM urban missions and service trip.

CSM City Profiles
Each of the cities CSM serves is unique - with its own distinctive history, population, attractions, problems, and ministry opportunities. Surf your way through our City Profiles and learn more about how you can be a part of what God is doing in these vital urban centers.

Information About CSM Urban Mission and Service Trips
Print out the CSM Information Packet.

Sign up for a CSM Short-Term Mission Trip
To register for any of our North American cities, please call (949) 248-8200 or email our Home Office to verify availability and then send the registration form that corresponds to the country you live in.

Get Started With Your CSM Urban Mission and Service Trip
Learn how you can get started with your CSM urban mission and service trip.

Urban Ministries Looking for Volunteers from CSM
Is your urban ministry looking for volunteers? Currently CSM brings student and adult volunteers to Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Toronto. We desire to come alongside established ministries in these urban centers.