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Putting limits on our freedom: the "weaker brother" scenario
In a recent advice column at Slate, a reader wrote in to ask how to handle an awkward situation...

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Putting limits on our freedom: the “weaker brother” scenario
Have you ever voluntarily gave up one of your “freedoms” in order to help a stumbling fellow believer? Have you ever asked a fellow Christian to abstain from something because it caused you spiritual difficulty?

Would you submit to moral, but non-biblical, lifestyle restrictions in your job?
Would you take a job with an employer that imposed non-biblical restrictions on your personal behavior? Is a restriction like this an instance of humans adding pointless laws to the gospel of grace?

Meat - a Christian perspective
Not every Christian possesses the same level of spirituality. Some are strong and well-developed in the faith, while others must be treated with more care and gentleness.

"Eat" in the Bible: Romans 14:1-4
Just because something is good for us to do or eat, doesn't mean it's wise for every Christian. We're all different and are at different points of spiritual maturity; here we're told to be respectful of those who are "weaker" spiritually, not doing anything to make their spiritual journey in Christ more difficult.