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How often do you share your faith with others?
Evangelism—sharing our faith in Jesus with people who don't know the Gospel—is at the...

Today's devotional: when God calls you to witness in unconventional ways
Today's devotional, from Delve Into Jesus, calls to mind a vigorous discussion about street...

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7 Questions Skeptics Ask
Rusty Wright, associate speaker and writer with Probe Ministries, takes a look at seven of the most common questions about Christianity asked by skeptics.

Evangelism: Designing Outreach Events (Part 3)
Evangelistic meetings: here are the nuts and bolts of planning the music, message, follow-up and counseling. Includes suggested resources in each area.

Evangelism: Designing Outreach Events (Part 2)
So you want to plan an evangelistic event. How do you do it? In this two-part article, Dr. Barry St. Clair shows you how.

Evangelism: Designing Outreach Events (Part 1)
Dr. Barry St. Clair tells how to design events with a purpose that result in spiritual fruit. Making sure evangelism happens through events.

Evangelism: Rooting for Spiritual Underdogs
Does your heart bleed for those kids who don't fit into the rest of the youth group, or those subcultures at school that nobody seems to reach? You'll identify with this article!

Evangelism: Teaching Kids to Defend Their Faith
A 15-year-old student tells how he shares and defends his faith with fellow students who often look down on Christianity. A great article to copy for your leadership youth to discuss.

Follow-Up: Growing a New Believer
How can we follow-up on new believers? Dr. Barry St. Clair tells how to nurture young Christians.

Evangelism: Leading a Student to Christ
How can we turn conversations to Jesus and explain to a student clearly how to become a Christian? Dr. Barry St. Clair writes about personal witnessing and evangelism among youth.

Evangelism: The Case for Post-Christian Youth Ministry
What we can learn from youth churches that are reaching British teens.

Evangelism: The Keys to Cultural Revelance
If you reach unchurched students where they are but don't have a culturally sensitive ministry to assimilate them into, you'll never keep them. Here's how ministries are reaching and keeping unchurched teens in post-Christian England.