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How often do you share your faith with others?
Evangelism—sharing our faith in Jesus with people who don't know the Gospel—is at the...

Today's devotional: when God calls you to witness in unconventional ways
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"If We Never Meet Again"
An exceptional tract for those who want a clear gospel presentation even for brief encounters and busy lifestyles. Great for (good) tipping, commuting, toll paying, travel, paying bills, and your daily routine!

Devotional : The Way We Witness
Is there still a place for television and radio ministry in today's society? What about preaching in public places - does it even work? Is anyone listening? This devotional explains why it's so important to have humility and faith when it comes to preaching the Gospel, and to surrender our methods of witnessing to Jesus just as we do with every other aspect of our lives.

How Do You Maintain a Godly Perspective throughout the Day?
Unless you’re living on Mars, every day you’re faced with ideas and philosophies—both subtle and obvious—that are contrary to the Christian worldview. So, how do you maintain a Godly perspective throughout the day?

How to Prepare a Testimony - Welcome to
To be an effective witness of our Lord, we need to have a well-prepared testimony! When someone asks you to make a profession of faith or give a testimony, does your blood pressure go up? Do you dread it, we can help you!

Fixing The Fixed, Ignoring The Broken - #2576
Harvest is urgent business. If the harvest workers don't get busy, and act quickly the harvest will die. And so will it be said there were people around us ready for Jesus - we weren't ready to go to them - they won't be ready for eternity. That'll be true unless we move beyond just fixing those who are already fixed - and start working on the ones who are broken!

Unguarded Beaches - #3016
You may think there's someone better to rescue the people around you, but God put you in the middle of them. This is your stretch of the beach. The people there are your responsibility. Don't leave your beach unguarded. Too many people are dying at unguarded beaches.

When Differences Don't Matter - #2496
If we begin to see the people around us as Jesus sees them, we will know they are dying inside without a Savior. And they will spend eternity without God unless we get to them in time. And then suddenly, the differences between Christians don't seem so important - only getting to those people.

Everyday Heroes - #3517
An everyday person becomes a hero when he or she leaves where it's safe to rescue someone who's dying, and you've been positioned by God to do just that. Don't stay on the riverbank. Jump into the water and bring out someone you care about. There's a life at stake - forever.

More Than a Launch - #3501
True worship results in repentance. So you say, "Lord, I'm a mess." Like Isaiah, you see the ugliness of specific sin - in his case, it had something to do with his mouth - but you melt into repentance. And then, because He shed His blood to pay for that sin, Jesus comes and cleans you up for this new day.

The Shocking View Through 4-D Glasses - #3456
People Jesus died for so they could be rescued from all this - people who may never know Jesus unless you introduce them to Him. He has positioned you in their life to be their rescuer. Once you see what Jesus sees, you'll rescue the dying, whatever it takes!