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“In just 30 days, you could be freed from your addiction to pornography” You don't have to struggle with your pornography addiction. X3pure can help you break free in 30 days.

Resources for churches addressing the issues of pornography - XXXchurch - X3watch
Books, Dvds, and free resources for churches to address the issues of porn in their community.

Resources for spouses, wives and couples effected by porn - Healing and Recovery XXXchurch
Books, dvds, workbooks and resources for spouses, wives and couples effected by porn.

Help for spouses, couples and wives effected by porn - XXXchurch
A page dedicated to those whose lives have been touch by someone involved in porn. Help for spouses, couples and wives. Blogs to talk openly about current issues and the first steps for recovery and healing.

Confessions from teens about porn - XXXchurch
Hundreds of submitted confessions from teens about porn and the issues surrounding it.

XXXchurch - Teens and Porn - Links, books and resources to help you
Resources for teens on the issues of porn, masturbation and what the Bible says about these issues.