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Understanding self-mutilation among teenagers
There's a new article by Kelli Woodard at Youth Ministry Exchange about a disturbing, confusing,...

How youth-friendly is your church?
Is your church youth-friendly? Most church members would probably answer "yes"—a typical...

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Your Teens Changing World - Part 2
So today's youth are in trouble. In part 2, Walt Mueller answers the question, "What practically can we do to come alongside students and help them navigate these dangerous cultural waters? Although Mueller writes specifically to parents in this section, some of you can substitute "youth pastor" for

Making Jesus Lord
It's easy to lose perspective in youth ministry and begin to serve youth first, other's expectations first or our egos first. But a ministry that matters must be built on Jesus first. Dr. Barry St. Clair tells how to make it happen.

Fanning the Flame with Prayer
What are the characteristics of spiritual awakenings? How can we fan the spiritual flame of the next generation through prayer? Dr. Barry St. Clair shows the way.

I've been re-thinking the whole youth ministry sex talk. While I haven't given one yet, I think it's good to think about this far ahead of actually doing one. Especially in the light of what I really want to communicate if and when I get to have these kind of conversations with students.

recursos gratis para jovenes y matrimonios
Free resources in Spanish for the family and for youth.

Family Online Safety: Parental Control Software, Free Web Filtering, Internet Guidelines
Provides free Internet filtering and parental control software for families, training for parents on online safety and protecting children from pornography, and steps for safe computer use in the home.

Online Safety Training for Computer Centers and other Non-profits, Web Filtering Software
Provides free Internet filtering software for computer centers and other nonprofits, training for youth on online safety, sample computer use policies for youth and staff, and presentation for parents and nonprofits on protecting youth from Internet dangers.

Web-based devotions for teens.

Short-Term Missions Search & Christian Urban Internships:
Directory of short-term missions opportunities available through You can browse opportunities by region, skill area, or group size. Searching and posting opportunities is free.

TastyFaith - Creating a Craving for Christ
MaryBeth McCandless interviews Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald. Ginger created TastyFaith resources "to help urban youth leaders create a craving for Christ with high-risk and disadvantaged city youth."