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Understanding self-mutilation among teenagers
There's a new article by Kelli Woodard at Youth Ministry Exchange about a disturbing, confusing,...

How youth-friendly is your church?
Is your church youth-friendly? Most church members would probably answer "yes"—a typical...

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Struggling to Shrink: What to Do and What Not to Do When You Suspect an Eating Disorder
Part 2: You ask her what's wrong. She says she pigged out at free time and isn’t hungry. It is at least 80 degrees in the hall and yet she is wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and a sweatshirt. You shrug it off for the moment, but you know something isn’t right.

Struggling to Shrink: Eating Disorders 101
Part 1: A group of young women enter a room. Some come in talking and laughing while others stare at the floor reluctant to participate. Each woman takes a seat on chairs have been placed in a circle and waits for another round of group therapy to begin.

Why youth are frustrated? A look at Iranian Christian youth in Iranian churches
So what do you think about Iranian worship music? Does it have the same effect on you as the English worship songs? It seems that many of our Iranian youth could relate more to non Farsi worship songs. When you ask them why they don't listen to Iranian Chritian worship songs, they simply say...

Review of The Culture-Wise Family
For those of us who work with teenagers, we are aware of the vast influence of mass media in their lives. Most teenagers spend hours a day listening to music, watching television, or surfing the internet.

You're Next by Greg Stier
Theology--it literally means the “study of the Word of God.” But what happens when you mention the word theology around your youth ministry? Do your students and leaders cringe or sigh hoping you’re not going to make them study something they think is from “old school scholars.”

Your Girl by Vicki Courtney
Your Girl by Vicki Courtney touches on many topics that are important to teens and to their mothers. There are articles and chapters on why a girl should dress modestly, including a guy’s perspective on that.

Review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Everyone's favorite boy wizard returns in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, though now he is a little more grown up and a lot more serious.

Review of SYM’s Life Hurts…God Heals
When Simply Youth Ministry decided to put together a curriculum to help hurting students, they thought of everything right down to parental consent forms, adult sponsors, follow-up support groups, and even training for leaders on how to present this material to teenagers.

Urban Short Term Mission Trips with the Center for Student Missions
Meet the CSM staff!

Frequently Asked Questions about CSM Urban Mission & Service Trips
Frequently Asked Questions about short-term mission trips with CSM.