Appealing to the Reader in You


The last place most people read the stuff that falls under the banner of ‘literary’ is in college, which is a shame because the contemporary small press publishing scene has never been more robust. If you’re in the small percentage of people that read literary poetry, fiction, or non-fiction nowadays, you might be interested to know about WordFarm:

WordFarm is an independent literary press begun in 2002 by a group of Chicago-area writers, editors and designers who have between them more than fifty years of publishing experience. WordFarm publishes collections of poetry, short fiction, essays, and single works of fiction or literary nonfiction. WordFarm’s mission is to discover and promote outstanding literary works by both new and established writers.

On a personal note, a few years ago I enjoyed John Leax’s Tabloid News: Duck Hunters Shoot Angel, which WordFarm publishes.

If you’re looking for high quality books full of the kind of deep thinking and rich thought that exemplifies how we should strive for excellence I’d urge you to check out WordFarm.

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