How Important are Friendships to You?

Perhaps the greatest example of friendship we have in the Bible is David and Jonathan. They made a covenant with one another and throughout their lives protected and loved each other deeply. When Jonathan died, David said “Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.”

They had an intense friendship. An enviable one too. After all, who wouldn’t want a friend that would defend you even in the face of death?

What about you? How important are friendships to you? Would you ever make a covenant like David and Jonathan?

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8 Responses to “How Important are Friendships to You?”

  • Jim says:

    The only friends that I would die for are the lord and my wife. They are the best friends that I have today.

  • Yes, A covenant to God, my wife when she comes, my children, and my church. Just finishing up a 21 day fast and never did I waver from it. I kept my promise to God as he keeps his promises to us. Knowing God knows my every thought, Yes I would give my life so others may live. Wouldn’t you? My trust is in God and eternity. John3:16 The lord takes care of all who love him. But he will destroy all who are sinful. Psalm 145:20 Trust Jesus

  • Pat says:

    I agree with Jim. The Lord and my husband are the best friends I have today. I waited on the Lord for my husband and I know there is trust as I trust the Lord implicitly. The covenant I made with my husband was in the sight of the Lord as he brought us together.

  • Cheryl says:

    I have strived for a friendship like that of David and Jonathan, but i have come to realize that there are very few people who are really genuine. It could be that i really don’t trust people, but how can you trust when you see what people are really capable of. If you love someone, they think also that you have alterior motives. So, in essence Love God love your neighbour as yourself if you find a good friend, you are blessed beyond measure.

  • Petals says:

    It’s a dream to have a friend/s to trust.. Yes, I do have a lot of
    friends, but the friend that woulf be there when you really need
    one, I still don’t have someone I can count on. I have this friend
    of mine in which we relate to one another (being both single parent)
    we see each other so often, as she’s from my church and we live closeby,
    but I’ve proven that she’s not my friend in bad times. How sad.. very sad.

  • Jayne says:

    There is no friend like Jesus, there is no love like Jesus love. But if we are true believers then we are to love as Jesus loved. It says in the Bible ‘A friend loves at all times’. I have many friends, some closer than others, to have friends you have to be a friend. Don’t think about what they can do for me but what can I do for them.
    Love as Jesus loved. Serve as Jesus served. He is our example, it is Him we must look too. We must copy Him. Tall order but we should encourage one another in that.

  • Kate says:

    There were many ways and many people that God used so that I could know Him, but one that sticks out is my best friend Lesley. God used that friendship so that I could know Him. After a while I relised she had something I wanted she had Jesus.

  • Pamela says:

    Ihave a one or two close friends, but did not realize the importance of friendship until they were gone,a friend is someone is loyal, open and honest with you, someone who is not afraid to challenge you or risk losing your friendship because they love you enough to tell you the truth.As a christian, our friends should always be those who draw to Christ, not away.