Today’s devotional: does God really love me uniquely?

If God loves everybody, what’s so special about the fact that he loves me? Is God’s love for all of us exactly the same, and does that mean there’s nothing individual or unique about our relationship with Him? Those are the central questions in a devotional article from Nehemiah Ministries. Author Blaine Smith explains why humans long for distinctiveness—and why we long for a relationship for God that is unique:

We long, on the one hand, to know that our work and accomplishment are unique–that we’re able to contribute something to human life that no one else can. But we also yearn for distinctiveness in relationships. Much of the thrill of being loved and cherished by someone is the sense of being special that goes along with it. You know that you’re accepted for who you are, and esteemed in a way that’s different from that person’s affection for anyone else.

Yet if God loves everyone in an equal, unbiased fashion, how can there be anything distinctive about a relationship with him? What’s so novel about receiving his love? What possibility for creative accomplishment is there in living for him? You’re simply one of the mass of believers, responding to a vast cosmic love force.

But thankfully, that isn’t the end of the story, as Blaine explains—God may love His children equally, but there’s nothing “generic” about that love. Read the complete devotional at Nehemiah Notes.

8 Responses to “Today’s devotional: does God really love me uniquely?”

  • Pat says:

    I absolutely love knowing that He is an individual God, a personal savior who works with each one according to their ways.

  • I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. So I have helped you come to Me with loving kindness Jeremiah 31:3 In your life you will know when your in his loving arms. If your not sure, we need to chat. G.B.Y.D.

  • ken zechlinski says:

    I am 64, Vietnam still with PTSD, cancer, financially in trouble, divorced, but do not blame God. BUT, keep hearing i’m unique, God has plan 4 my life, etc. I have trusted Jesus as Lord & Savior 1978.

  • Kathy says:

    The way I came to know that God’s love is individual is through my children. I have five very unique children and now eight grandchildren. They have such different gifts and personalities. Yet I love each one individually. Yes I love them all but I also love them seperately. This is how I see God. I am human and can do this with my family. He is God and does this with all of us, His family!

  • celest says:

    God’s love is unique and individual, we were from the beginning created from the workmanship of his own hands in his own image.He knows us better than we know ourselves yet he continues to love us though man looks on the outward parts God in his omnipotence sees the inward parts
    the heart which Jer.17:9 tells us The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:who can know it? Yet in his lovingkindness he implores us to come unto Him, all ye who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest… For it is not his desire that any of his children are lost. It’s a come as you are party! That’s Our Fathers Uniqueness in our uniqueness and individuality.

  • Blessy says:

    Great One!

  • Esther says:

    im so blessed with this! Just what i needed and wanted to know.all Glory to God. Thanks for that article may God bless you and continue to give you greater revelation about Him.

  • Laura says:

    Good evening!

    My name is Laura. I totally agree with what was said in this published forum with the exception of the fact that I don’t feel that God loves us all in a generic way. As a matter of fact, I believe that he goes out of his way to show us he loves us. Have you ever felt that feeling in your heart – you know, that feeling when something seems so right, that it all seems to fall into place? I believe that is Gods hand giving to us. I think that we tend to feel “generically loved” because we need to celebrate it more.

    My family recently lost a relative. While love isn’t always the direct answer to the problems that people experience when grieving, I can see the return of love in their faces – but you have to be looking for it. Celebrate it! Even when you feel people are pushing you away, they’re probably just distracted. Sometime’s you almost feel like you’re forcing yourself on other people. It can give you a feeling of anxiety that is not pleasant. If you push past that, and continue to embrace the love…and shower them what they are comfortable with – what they are comfortable with will grow. When people grow more comfortable with love, they grow closer to God because the bible says to cling to love, hope, faith, and joy. What better way to do that then showing each other we love each other?! :) Have a great evening, and God bless you all!