Living the Letters: Philippians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Philippians. Explore the rich wisdom of Philippians on topics such as friends, prayer, and celebration.

Living the Letters: Ephesians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Ephesians. Explore the rich wisdom of Ephesians on topics such as trusting God, His church, and finding our identity in Christ.

Living the Letters: Galatians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Galatians. Explore the rich wisdom of Galatians on topics such as spiritual discernment, intimacy with God, and our freedom in Christ.

Living the Letters: Colossians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Colossians. Explore the rich wisdom of Colossians on topics such as grace, real life, and love.

Becoming a Woman of Prayer: Cynthia Heald
God designed women to seek Him in all they do. This Bible study will encourage you to become a woman whose life is characterized by constant conversation with God. But intimacy with God is His idea.

Becoming a Woman of Purpose: Cynthia Heald
CREATED FOR HIS PURPOSES. If your goals and success leave you feeling unsatisfied, use this study to gain a better understanding of God's purpose for your lifeā€”to love and serve Him.

Becoming a Woman of Freedom: Cynthia Heald
If you feel like your Christian life is weighing you down, this Bible study will give you a second wind and help you identify and lay aside those burdens that make you feel "stuck." RUN THE RACE TO FREEDOM

Becoming a Woman of Excellence: Cynthia Heald
This best-selling Bible study has helped over one million women understand who God designed them to be. Discover the freedom you have to serve and please God. A Goal Worth Pursuing.

DFD Leader's Guide (revised): The Navigators
This resourceful leader's guide provides all the insight and information needed to share the essential truths of discipleship with others, whether one-on-one or in small groups. Seven foundational steps of discipleship and experience the spiritual disciplines of Bible study.

DFD 7 (revised) Our Hope in Christ: The Navigators
In this unique study of 1 Thessalonians, discover firsthand how to undertake a comprehensive analysis of a book of the Bible and gain effective Bible study principles that will last a lifetime. How can you study the Bible in depth on your own?