A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study: Jen Hatmaker
A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study A Refreshingly Unique Look at God's Word. Laugh out loud as it transforms the academic nature of personal Bible study into a fresh, simple format that will radically change the way you interact with Scripture forever.


Becoming a Man of the Word : Bob Beltz
TRAVEL "GOD'S ROUTE 66" Take a tour of each book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, discover practical suggestions to help you maximize your time in God’s Word.


Becoming a Man of Prayer: Bob Beltz
A Seven-Week Strategy Based on the Instructions of Jesus. Using the Model Prayer as a pattern, Beltz shows men how to pray more effectively. Offers a fresh and workable approach to prayer.


Becoming a Man of the Spirit: Bob Beltz
Overcome your personal "power failure" by plugging in to the Holy Spirit. Today, there's a greater power failure affecting billions of people every day. It's not an electrical power outage, but a spiritual one.


Shooting the Rapids in a Wooden Canoe: The Navigators
On Navigating Transitions. Marriage is anything but predictable. One minute it’s smooth sailing; the next it’s rough waters ahead.


Pedaling Tandem for the Long Haul: The Navigators
On Managing Your Marriage. Marriage by design. But if love conquers all, why do some relationships fail? Maybe a little planning wouldn’t hurt.


Running a Three-Legged Race Across Time: The Navigators
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…hard work? In one word, describe your marriage. Each chapter is an open, free-flowing-even provocative-discussion about a tricky issue many married couples encounter. . .and ignore at their own peril.


Dancing the Tango in an Earthquake: The Navigators
For better or worse, your marriage must endure thousands of necessary distractions. Between taking care of the kids, climbing the corporate ladder, and paying the bills, you know you would like to have a fulfilling marriage.


Treading Water in an Empty Pool: The Navigators
Men, tackle the tough stuff in life by exploring useful spiritual principles from movies, literature, and especially God's Word in the easy-to-understand language of The Message®.


Leaning into a Hail of Bullets: The Navigators
Take on the temptations that threaten their lives. This study is a venue for small-group participants and individuals to take on the temptations that threaten their jobs, marriages, and families.