Living by the Spirit : Marlene Nathan
Living by the Spirit. The mystical member of the Trinity is a Person—and One who plays a crucial role in the life of a believer. Unfolding picture of the Holy Spirit in Scripture.

Growing in Faith: Michael M. Smith
Growing in Faith. Scripture urges believers to graduate from milk to meat. This Bible study can help you do that. Develop the virtues. Become the kind of godly people we all long to be.

Experiencing Community: Thom Corrigan
Experiencing Community. Discover what it means to be a community of Christ-followers. Means to love one another, and how to grow spiritually.

Your Money and Your Life: Discipleship Journal®
Your Money and Your Life. MONEY—WE LOVE IT...WE HATE IT! It makes our lives easier. It complicates them. It allows us to spread the gospel. It distracts us from truly following Christ. No wonder we struggle with money's place in our lives!

Redeeming Failure: Discipleship Journal®
Redeeming Failure. ARE YOU FAILING TO SUCCEED? Help you face your deficiencies and defeats head-on and grow in Christlike character.

Nurturing a Passion for Prayer: Discipleship Journal®
Nurturing a Passion for Prayer. Do you pray with passion? We don't just want to communicate with God—we want communion with God.

Growing Deeper with God: Discipleship Journal®
Growing Deeper with God. Become an intimate friend of God. Yet God's call to know Him extends to all believers, regardless of time, pressures, or obligations.

Following God in Tough Times: Discipleship Journal®
Following God in Tough Times. DO YOU FEEL IMPRISONED BY LIFE'S CIRCUMSTANCES? Where is God when life gets difficult? Learn the keys to accepting and gaining perspective on tough times.

Building Better Relationships: Discipleship Journal®
Building Better Relationships. Develop deeper vulnerability, sensitivity, love, and loyalty in your relationships at work, home or anywhere.

Becoming More Like Jesus: Discipleship Journal®
Becoming More Like Jesus. We live in an age that demands instant solutions and lacks patience with anything that requires time or perseverance. Often the important things, like building Christlike character, lose priority or seem unattainable.