the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Good News for humankind
A short video that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.

English Resources from Perfeccionando a Los Santos
Our materials are written in Spanish at, but we have included a few basic tools here in English. All materials are free of charge: Bible reading chart, prayer guide, quiet time, the Bridge Illustration.

perseverancia en la vida cristiana
Some resolutions for the new year (in Spanish) to help us finish well in the Christian life.

divorcio y nuevo matrimonio
Divorce and remarriage - What does the Bible say? (In Spanish)

problemas emocionales 1
How to deal with emotional problems. This is in Spanish.

el homosexualismo
A simple Bible study on homosexuality in Spanish.

la Virgen Maria
A series of articles and studies about Mary in Spanish.

dia de los muertos - introduccion
A series on the Day of the Dead in Spanish.

la Santa Trinidad
A summary of the teaching on the Holy Trinity in Spanish.

Semana Santa - breve resumen de la pascua
A series on Holy Week (Easter) in Spanish.

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