recursos gratis para jovenes y matrimonios
Free resources in Spanish for the family and for youth.

herramientas para el ministerio cristiano
Some additional ministry tools in Spanish for leaders.

la historia de
A brief history of in Spanish.

recursos gratis para las misiones mundiales
Full of free resources in Spanish about missions, with a special focus on Islam.

los objetivos de
The principle objectives of in the Spanish language.

seminario de evangelismo personal
This is an entire training workshop in Spanish that was taught in churches for years in Latin America.

plan de lectura bíblica en un año
A Bible reading plan in Spanish to take you through the entire Bible in one year, with a devotional commentary by Sam Clark.

fundamentos para la familia cristiana
The "Fundamentals of the Christian Family" in Spanish, by Sam Clark.

el caracter del líder cristiano
A detailed study in Spanish on Biblical leadership qualities, by Sam Clark.

cómo planear una conferencia o evento
An instruction manual in Spanish to take you through the basics of how to plan and carry out a conference or other major event.

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