This is the homepage for LosNavegantes.net, full of free materials in Spanish to help you in your personal ministry.


Esdras 7:10 - la Palabra de Dios en tu vida
This is a detailed study on Ezra 7:10 in Spanish. It is heavy on application.


principios basicos del matrimonio
Basic biblical principles about marriage and the family in Spanish.


la vision de LosNavegantes.net
An illustrated vision in Spanish of the ministry of LosNavegantes.net


estudios biblicos sobre el matrimonio cristiano
A series of 25 excellent Bible studies in Spanish on marriage. Great for those preparing to get married and for those who are already married.


concordancia sobre el caracter de Dios - Samuel Edelstein
A concordance of the character of God, in Spanish.


recursos gratis para la enseñanza de los niños
Training materials in Spanish about how to teach children.


Who is a real Christian?
Everyone should do a self-evaluation of his/her own life. Going to a particular church will never save anyone, nor will changing to a particular church save anyone. Salvation is an act of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God's forgiveness is an act of grace that we cannot earn.


the bridge illustration
A simple illustration to share the Gospel.


a simple prayer of faith
A simple prayer to express your faith in God.


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