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Pastors and Ministry Leaders' Steps for Counseling Pornography or Media Addicts
7-step guide for pastors and ministry leaders to help them get pornography addicts on the path to recovery. Includes links to resources on accountability groups, support groups, media sobriety and online safety, and professional counseling.

Pornography Addiction Resources for Pastors to Help Christians, Churches and Addicts
Provides training for pastors to counsel pornography addicts and how they and their churches can promote recovery. Links to statistics on porn use, test for sexual addiction, and questions to use in counseling.

Encyclopedia of Recovery and Addiction Wiki | Urban ministry sermons
Offers resources on understanding pornography addiction and substance abuse, among both adults and youth, and the steps of recovery, including counseling, support, and accountability groups. Online safety training and policies are offered for churches, pastors, and families.

Safe Families: Online Safety, Pornography & Sex Addiction Recovery & Accountability Tools
Christian program to help people struggling with pornography or sexual addiction or to protect their children online. Includes full online workshops, a 60 page self study manual, free filtering software, reviews of pay software, resources for pastors, parents, addicts and nonprofits.