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Setting Captives Free
Are you a captive of persistent sin? Setting Captives Free can help you find the freedom you seek.

Luis Palau Evangelistic Association
Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

Into Thy Word

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Devotionals : Temptation
Too many marriages are failing today and when they do, temptation often plays a significant part. The consequences are enormous. How can we protect ourselves? This devotional examines the nature of these temptations and explores some strategies for dealing with temptation before it happens.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Uncontrolled Fire - #4103
A man let a fire start to help meet a personal need he had. It raged out of control and did more damage than he could have imagined in his worst nightmares. Well, that is a mistake many a man has made - and even some women - with a deadly fire that the Bible calls lust.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Blindness That Makes You Crash - #4135
Fog can make you temporarily blind. So can rain or snow. And so can your hormones. It happened even to King David, who God called "a man after God's own heart." David's hormonal blindness - which led to so many devastating crashes - is described in one of the saddest chapters in the Bible.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Skunk Approach - #4888
Don't let sex too soon, or adulterous sex lure you to get so close to something that it will cost you more than you ever intended to pay, and take you where you never intended to go.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Hugging the Wrong Thing - #4090
When little Cindy felt as if she couldn't have her Daddy's hugs, she resorted to something that just couldn't be as good as a Daddy. Sadly, many grownups make that same kind of mistake - married grownups. We feel like we're not getting the love we need from the person that is our husband or wife - so we start hugging something else.

What does the Bible say about adultery? Do a Bible keyword search and read the Scriptures.

Prayer Wall - XXXchurch
A forum to discuss porn, post prayer requests, and ask tough questions.

XXXCHURCH.COM - Porn Help and Recovery is the top resource for those wanting to stop looking at porn. Accountability software: X3watch is provided free on their website, as well as helps, forums and resources for pastors, teens, spouses, men, women, parents, wives and couples.

Confessions from Pastors about porn - XXXchurch
A place to share and begin the process of healing for pastors involved in porn.

Statistics on Pastors and Porn - XXXchurch
Stats outlining pastor's involvement in pornography from